About Jet Set Corvette

When you need a hair service in Salem, OR, Jet Set Corvette is your go-to stylist! With 20 years of industry experience, I am a talented and experienced stylist, and I only use the latest trends and products to achieve the look you love. Jet Set Corvette specializes in curly hair and wedding hairstyles (both bride and groom or any variation such as bride and bride or groom and groom).

At Jet Set Corvette, I understand the importance of ensuring that your hair looks its best, and I strive to provide you with an individualized experience. I specialize in naturally textured hair, especially curly or wavy. Though, working with any hair type is fun, especially when doing updos. I am great at catering to clients with special needs and am able to work with wheelchairs or headsets. My pricing includes haircuts for $30, and everything else is priced by time which is $60 per hour. Also, all products are included in this price, so there are no up-charges for extra hair color or relaxers because you already have thick hair. I also accommodate clients with disabilities of any kind. Call me today for all your hair needs!